Musical Collaboration

Seeking Band Members!

We are always on the lookout for fresh talent. There are so many people out there sitting in their bedroom making up songs with great rapping/MC skills or a great voice or talent for composing or playing an instrument. We can help you fulfil your potential and showcase that talent by collaborating to produce a body of work.

Share your love of music

If you like the Demo tracks on this site and want to be kept in the loop, press the google +1 button on this site or send me an email at and lets see whether we can work together. If we get on, I will be happy to work on any of the demo tracks to create the right tempo (bpm) length of verse, chorus, breakdown, key change, add other layers or effects and send you an mp3 of the track free of charge. We may even be willing to arrange for you to record your singing/rapping.

Free Music Production

We only work with people we think are talented and do not charge for production costs for emerging artists. We do it for the love of the music and as long as any music composed, arranged or produced by Bassline Prophet Productions is properly attributed to us wherever it is featured, we are happy for it to be used anywhere. If our music is sold or performed for profit, we would of course expect a share of any royalties - such share to be agreed upon between us depending upon the amount of our input to the tracks concerned.

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