Friday, 28 December 2012

Electronic Music Production

Electronic Music Production

This is the launch post of the Bassline Prophet Productions website. The idea is simple:

We aim to provide a range of affordable:

  •       royalty free songs

  •      backing tracks

  •      website mood music/series of mixed tracks for a fresh website experience

  • Backing music for profile pages/you tube advert backing music

  • Radio jingles

  • Soundtracks to short films/animations

  • Hip hop music, dubstep and urban backing tracks

We also collaborate with other talented producers, songwriters and those interested in giving their website "the edge" in a competitive online market.

We can provide any of the demo tracks that will appear on this site for download.

We can also remix them, shorten them, change the tempo/key or even collaborate with you to produce a truly bespoke "web soundscape", hitting the right note with people visiting your website and making a vibrant artistic statement.

Creator, Adam Corcoran says:

Our bespoke music production is great way of distinguishing yourself from your competitors - by providing your website viewers with a unique and evocative experience - an ambience that sums up your site. You wouldn't have an entirely black and white site, so why have a totally silent one? 
With mass storage media, cloud based systems, tablets (iPads, Playbooks, Google/Android devices etc.) and powerful smart phones becoming commonplace multimedia is beginning to invade every aspect of our lives. Big companies have known the value of the music production for years and retail outlets regularly use it to put their customers in the mood for spending/chilling... We can provide this at a very competitive rate and are always happy to discuss your requirements and come up with something to suit your budget.

We realise that not everyone is a website developer and that is why we are happy to provide you with support or to work with your website designer to get your music up and running on your website.

Good luck for 2013 - Make some Noise!